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Developing The Leader Within you By John Maxwell 

is a renowned leadership expert, coach,  speaker, author, and most importantly, he leads by example. His book, “Developing The Leader Within you” is a life improvement book that challenges you to optimize your full potential and become a better version of you. The book equips you with a different dimension of lessons to help you be an expert in key areas of your life.

Also, if you are in any type of leadership position like a teacher, church leader, business leader and even parents, then this book is for you. As John Maxwell shows you how to enhance your vision and values, to become a better and successful leader. In this John Maxwell’s self-coaching and leadership book, you will learn the extensive breakdown of the qualities of a good leader and how to be one., John Maxwell was able to lay down ten principles of leadership and team building for you to follow to help you bring out the leader In you!.